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Personal Experience

My experience in the Academy in Paddington was fun, educating and rewarding. The 5 weeks went by so fast and I will miss the team and the training.

I learned so much and felt I improved by learning lots of additional little tips and techniques that I can take back with me to the salon floor in North Sydney. Each teacher brought their own personal experience and advice which was a huge benefit to us, to help us work through problems we came across throughout the Vardering.

Challenges where a constant throughout the Vardreing but with the skill and the advice from our educators I was able to work though them, a feeling which was very rewarding when the same challenge arose and I was able to tackle it on my own.

I attended Art Team on Tuesday’s and really enjoyed the demos and education that was on offer. Listening to other stylist’s and technician’s talk about their likes, inspiration and their looks was informative and inspiring.

The thing that I will take away with me most from the 5 weeks is the understanding of the reasoning behind each cut and how the classic 14 cuts form the basis for everything. To understand the breakdown of each classic and what is achieves allows you to adapt them to create something personalised for an individual or create an advanced cut without it becoming overwhelming.