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The Mascolo Family originate from Pompeii in the south of Italy, there is no doubt that this area influenced and added to the success of the company.

Pompeii with its contrasts of rich colours, architectural wonder, a city of hustle and bustle with people full of life & excitable yet hard working and disciplined are traits that can be seen running through the backbone of Toni & Guy.

The family had moved to England just seven years before the confident and ambitious brothers opened up their first salon in 1963.

Toni and Guy Mascolo opened the first salon in 1963 in the south of London, an ambitious pair still in their early teens but with hairdressing already in their blood. Francesco their father was a successful and talented hairdresser who had passed his knowledge of technique, business and keeping a happy clientele onto his sons.

Toni & Guy started and remains a very strong family business. In The early years Toni and Guy where joined by their younger brother Bruno and the youngest brother Anthony joining the team after school and on holidays, their father Francesco still working in their salon. Within a few years the brothers had opened further salons in south London.

The early 1970’s saw Toni & Guy put their individual stamp on current trends. Taking the strong shapes that where in fashion and bringing a more personalised and feminine slant provided a service to suit every client. Their personal take on the individual’s needs and image yet still creating a fashionable look brought them great success.

The business was ever growing with Bruno working as a session stylist and a further salon being opened in 1972 situated in Davies Street just off Berkley square in Mayfair, central London. This was a natural progression now that the brothers where working more with photography and Bruno working for many fashion magazines.


The mid 1970’s was a time that flamboyant hair shows quickly presented the company’s talents for demonstrating onstage and sharing their ideas. A team of people that would represent TONI&GUY on a worldwide basis where introduced.   Bruno took a back seat to train this new Art Team and concentrate on building up his younger brother, Anthony and developing the team.  This new team quickly progressed jetting off worldwide to do work for every major company and hairdressing event.

By 1980 TONI&GUY where recognised worldwide for their education and a demand was created for an Academy. The system the brothers had formulated successfully over the years and trained their staff by was now being passed on to inspire and educate other hairdressers. Through a variety of educational programs the brothers where able to educate, inspire and motivate both the beginner and advanced stylist. TONI&GUY’s education has always been a passion of the brothers and it continues to be a drawing factor for people to the company.

Further salon and business expansion was seen during the mid-1980. Bruno went to live in Dallas, Texas, USA to work on the product division of the company shortly joined by his brother Guy. The brothers quickly established the company through many of the shopping malls throughout the USA.

In the UK three further salons where opened in central London and the franchising program began.  A franchise was opened in Tokyo by a former member of the London Art Team. In 1991 a salon and school was opened in Stuttgart, Germany. To date 400 salons exist through the world. In the USA 24 salons are situated in Dallas, Houston, New York and Miami, the home for the American TONI&GUY Art Team is based in the Dallas TONI&GUY Academy.


Recognised as an award winning company from the beginning in 1988, 1990 and 1995 Anthony Mascolo was awarded the accolade: Best British Hairdresser, previously holding the accolade of Avant Garde. In 1991 Toni’s daughter Sacha Mascolo won the title of ‘Best British Newcomer’, in 1998 ‘London Hairdressing of the Year’ and in 2002 she was nominated as ‘British Hairdresser of the Year’. Toni & Guy held the title of ‘Best British Art Team of the Year’ for eleven consecutive years.  Many years of consistent and exceptional work result in the awards TONI&GUY accumulate.



TONI&GUY are still recognised today as leaders in education and it remains a strong passion for the company. The TONI&GUY Art Team continue to educate in keys areas such as technology, attitude and image. The services provided by TONI&GUY’s educational team include not only technical ingenuity in cutting and styling but furthermore in aspects such as management training, retail skills, financial advice and product technology. Continuing education is the key for success.

TONI&GUY were first introduced to Australia in November 1995 opening the very first salon and academy in Darlinghurst, Sydney. Shortly after that a second salon was opened in the busy city centre location on Pitt Street. In the next two years the business grew rapidly seeing new salons open in North Sydney, Chatswood, Mosman, Brisbane, Perth, South Yarra, and Auckland, New Zealand.

Today the expansion has resulted in TONI&GUY being Australia’s first national hairdressing group with salons in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, West and South Australia.