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There are several reasons a client chooses a particular salon over it competitor but the main four reasons that must be present to ensure their return are:

Image – it is the type of salon the client can relate to

Ability – feeling confident the team in that salon can achieve what you want

Location – is it convenience in relation to where they work or live

Experience – they feel great when they are there and great when they leave

One of the most important features that TONI&GUY have to ensure happy and returning clients is our CONSULTATION. It is unique to TONI&GUY.

At TONI&GUY every client must have a consultation each and every visit.

It provides us with an opportunity to LISTEN to a client’s wants and expectations and allows us to find out what we need to do in order to meet their expectations and delivery an exceptional service. TONI&GUY consultation process benefits both client and the employee.

Providing every client with a consultation every time they visit it helps you notice if existing clients are getting bored with their current style and looking for a change. If you fail to notice this and don’t provide your client with options you will lose the client because she is bored.

How to do a consultation at TONI&GUY

Clients are greeted by the receptionist when they arrive, if you are not free to do so personally. She is then introduced to you and you are provided with a TONI&GUY traveller. A traveller provides information including a client’s name and the service she will be in for.

You have a combination of words and actions to use during your consultation that enables you to complete a totally professional experience.

  1. Greet the client using their name and telling them yours. Show them through to the salon

Actions: Smile and give your client a firm friendly handshake. Guiding your client to the workstation, gently touching her elbow.

DO NOT rush her. Walk the same pace.

Do not put a gown on until after the consultation

  1. Using the clients name gesture for her to take a seat.

Action -ensure the station including mirrors, chair and area are clean BEFORE you sit a client down. Touching the chair denotes a meaning of importance and lets the client feel this area is important as her station. Give her a minute to settle.

DO NOT seat a client and then clean up.

  1. Using the clients name welcome them to TONI&GUY.

Action- sit to their side on a stool and look directly at the client maintain eye contact and a smile.

DO NOT talk to her through the mirror.


  1. Acknowledge this “I believe this is your first time with us here at TONI&GUY” provide your client with some information about TONI&GUY, about the way the salon operates and what they should expect to happen during the visit. Introduce the colour service we provide and let the client know that you would be more than happy to introduce her to one of the technical team to chat to her about colour.

Explain the traveller how is works and benefits the client. It allows us to keep details of her visits on record and products we advise for you, providing the client with continued service.

Action– Go to the 2 hair questions to begin your consultation

  1. Are you happy with your present hairstyle?
  2. Do you have difficulty creating what you want?

Throughout the consultation you will be revisiting the information on the traveller.

“So that’s a little about us what I’d really like to know is a little about you”

Action – you have communicated clearly with your client. Your demeanour should be warm, friendly and open for questions. You should continue to have a warm smile throughout your clients visit.

At this stage in the consultation your client will tell you whether she is looking for a trim or a re-style. She may ask you for suggestions and ideas that would work for her hair. Be ready. NEVER assume what a client wants before you hear her communicate what she wants!

DO NOT ask “what are we doing for you today?”

  1. As your client begins to talk actively listen, keep eye contact and react in a way that gives her confidence you understand what she is saying.

DO NOT interrupt the client but nod your head letting her know you are listening and taking in what she is saying.


  1. Welcome the client back by name letting her know it is great to see her again. Asking her how she has been enjoying her hair.

Action – you do not need to explain how things work with this client but it is still very important to listen to her carefully. Remembering to look out for clues she may be looking for a change.

Listening carefully to existing clients is vital. Be aware of any indication she is getting bored with her current style don’t assume she is coming back for more of the same. If she is happy with the current style you both have working it is still important to suggest options he would have in the future for both colour and cut. They don’t have to be huge transformations it just plants the seed and allow ‘s the client to know you are constantly thinking about her hair and excited to explore different options for her.

  1. The client will begin to discuss the length, style, likes or dislikes about her hair.

Action – remain seated to her side and continue the conversation from here

DO NOT start fiddling with the client’s hair as she speaks.

DO NOT stand behind her and start looking at her hair

DO NOT talk to your client through the mirror

REMEMBER: this is the listening stage of the consultation.

Once you have sensed the client is finished talked and only at that point should you start to talk.

  1. First provide feedback and repeat what you have just heard from your client. Using your clients name, repeat any concerns they may have had or ideas they had about their hair.

It could be a number of things like texture, volume, dryness, length etc.

You client will either agree with you or correct anything that did not sound right to her.

Feedback allows you to avoid miscommunicating at this point in the consultation, if there has been any miscommunication it is addressed at this point.

“Ok so let’s take a look at your hair now”

Action – stand up and move to behind the clients chair as you look at and feel their hair.

Using your client’s name, suggest at this point products and services that would address any of the concerns they told you about and how they would benefit your client. Letting the client know that you will use them today so they can experience the products in salon and see the benefits for themselves.

Action – you have addressed one of your clients need immediately and recommended a product that you know will work for them


  1. Acknowledge any issues your client raises aggressing with her concerns show her empathy. Provide a solution to their concerns.

Action – now give your professional option for a cut that will suit your client’s needs.

DO NOT just agree with what your clients says without offering them ideas

“This look does need to be blow dried to achieve that shapelier result. How would you feel you would manage with that at home?”

Action –you are now working out whether your suggestion is achievable by your client. There is not point giving your client a cut that they cannot manage at home and only looks good when they are in the salon.

Offer them help on how they could manage it better at home , offering perhaps showing them while they are in the salon hoe they could blow dry their own hair.

Action – you have confirmed that you will help educate your client so that they gets the most out of their and are not disappointed when they cannot achieve it at home. It is your responsibility to match a client haircut to their lifestyle choosing something that they cannot achieve at home can be a total failure leaving them feeling disappointed regardless of how amazing you cut the hair.

  1. Once you have both confirmed the plan of action with the cut, it is now time to introduce colour and how this would enhance your clients cut.

Using your clients name inform your client that you would like to introduce her to one of the fabulous technicians that would love to suggest colours that could benefit the clients through colour placement and other techniques for your client to think about. Asking them would they be happy to have a quick chat with the technician.

Action –  planting the idea of future possibilities and being enthusiastic about the cut and colour benefits provides the client with a safe opportunity to explore more ideas with her hair.

  1. Using your clients name let her know the service of the Wella SP treatments we provide that would benefit them and address concerns they have with here hair, which you discover earlier through the consultation.

Action – you have proven to the client that you listened to her concerns and are enthusiastic to offer solutions to correct this problem. You are helping the client get what they want.


  1. Before you move on to have your clients hair washed discuss price. Using your clients name talk them through the prices of each service asking does that suit them today.

Action– the TONI&GUY traveller, which is unique only to TONI&GUY, allows you to quote your client during the consultation and provide the client with an opportunity to confirm or alter the service. Confirming the price beforehand allows the client to fully relax and enjoy their visit.

Letting your client know how long these services will take also gives them the opportunity to use timing rather than budget as a reason to back out of potential services. Having to say no due to budget issues can be embarrassing for anybody; this gives them a comfortable way to reduce potential cost.

If a client gets to the end of the appointment and you failed to commit to a price quotation the client may feel she was pushed into services and leave the salon incredibly uncomfortable. The result, she will not return

DO NOT proceed with the service until you have showed your client the quotation. Even if she is an existing client.

DO NOT assume existing clients already know the cost involved.

Most clients will agree with your quote but do not assume this to be true for everyone, it is vital to quote every client before you start service.

If a client has to decline services for any reason reassure them this is not trouble and let them know you could offer them this service the next time if they would like.

  1. The next part is getting your client ready for the basin area. Using your client name introduce them to your assistant by name also.

Action – gently turning the chair for your client’s gestures for them to stand up. Introduce your client to your assistant. This handover is very important and it is important your client sees the respect you have for your fellow team member and gives them confidence they are in good hands throughout the service.

Letting the assistant know the products you would like them to use at the basin in front of the client again reassures the client.

DO NOT hand over the client quickly; it devalues your team member and your client’s perception of their experience.

DO NOT whisper instruction to your assistant, you never know what your client may think you are saying!

Action – you are reiterating product recommendation again for the client by telling the assistant in front of the client produces you suggest. This also helps the assistant feel comfortable knowing the products to use and the information she may need to discuss at the basin area if your client has any questions.

Telling your client about the amazing head massage and basin service she is going to experience with your assistant makes both assistant and client feel confident in the basin service. Your assistant will want to live up to the compliment and it boosts their confidence.

Choosing products to be used at the back wash and the promise of the amazing basin service allows your client to feel valued and listened to.

The CONSULTATION part of the service is complete once you hand over your client to the assistant.