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Professional hairdressers and educators, knowing that without new knowledge and being open minded you run the risk of become stagnant. They understand it is vital to continue educating themselves and by assimilating what is new they are able to progress.

Education is of huge value and importance to TONI&GUY. Sharing the knowledge they possess and constantly striving to look at existing techniques and see areas to improve upon.

TONI&GUY stylists are fashion interpreters working with the latest designs to create a hairstyle that will complement the colour and shape of current trends.

In the salon environment they work with these trends and adapt them to suit the individual client

TONI&GUY listen to the client rather than dictate so that they know exactly what the client wants.

Communication between the client and the stylist are key to the service received at TONI&GUY. Listening to a client’s needs and wants so that they can advise them what style would work best for that individual.

“Personalising” is TONI&GUY’s word for creating an individual look for each client. Individuality is signature to TONI&GUY. Through personalising stylists can put the individuals stamp on their cut. A stylist’s creativity and talent are developed and the client receives a look that is unique to her.

The hairstyles we create always have an element of femininity and softness for females that flatter them. This is a major factor in factor in developing and retaining a happy and loyal clientele.

‘The customer leaves the salon feeling right’, clients get a style that works for them and makes them feel great. Stylists take into account the client’s lifestyle, facial shape and fashion preferences. The result is a haircut that is tailored to the individual client.

The way we consulate is paramount our skill is in the detailed consultation we offer every client that comes to TONI&GUY. Listening to a client describe their desires and communicating together what is possible and will work taking into account the factors of lifestyle, hair type and facial shape. By doing this we help to ensure the client leaves the salon with their needs met confident they got service above and beyond what they already expected from TONI&GUY.

We work in the service industry; every aspect of the service we provide must surpass a client’s expectations.

At TONI&GUY we make it a point to provide exceptional service.

To achieve this we believe franchisees must be in the salon a minimum of eight hours a day 5 days a week.

Our service include coffee, magazine, the best hair care products from the exclusive TONI&GUY product range, Label M, clean towels and gowns and staff that are continually educated, motivated, informative and passionate to provide exceptional service to clients.

Our prices reflect the cost of the service; we aim to provide real value for money.

Communication is probably the single most important aspect of our industry.  TONI&GUY’s in depth consultation service allow us to communicate with great affect with our clients. One can only be as good a communicator as they are a good listener. Listening to the clients wants and desires, transmitting back to them what they want in a way that is achievable and will work the best for them.

Your first impression is very important and we use the first three or four minutes to communicate with the client and make them feel confident they are in good hands. A firm hand shake will help along with your presentation and confidence. 70% of all communication is absorbed visually so the way we present ourselves professionally and the body gestures we use go hand in hand with the words we actually use.

When we first introduce ourselves to the client we move around so that we are face to face using our name and making sure we continually use theirs throughout their visit. Avoid technical hairdressing language that can make a client feel uncomfortable, instead relay information to them in a language they can understand and puts them at ease.

Always discuss the price of the services with the client; being vague and noncommittal is more likely to result in a client being less inclined to proceed or at the end of the visit feeling very uncomfortable and less likely to return.  Honesty at start of the consultation allows the client to relax and feel confident with their experience.

Through his years of experience working both as a salon manager and stylist Toni Mascolo has developed ‘Golden Rules’ for client satisfaction.

Consult – every client receives a consultation every time they visit a TONI&GUY salon. Allowing you to understand their desired taking into consideration their facial shape, style and lifestyle explaining what you are proposing to do.

Recommend – provide clients with information and educate them about the products and services we provide that will help them maintain and get the best from the finished look.

These key ingredients ensure happy clients who will return with their family and friends.



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